What’s new for Businesses on Scooploop – October 2022

Simplifying Business Accounts As you might have noticed, we have recently simplified and streamlined a lot of business features on Scooploop. Everything you need for your business account is now in one place. Your Business on Your User Profile If you have a business profile attached to your Scooploop account, it is now more prominently… Read More

Ukraine Needs Your Support

On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces. This war in Ukraine will have catastrophic consequences and will bring suffering to millions of Ukrainians. More than 500,000 people have already fled Ukraine during the first week, and millions could follow who will have their homes destroyed. Ukraine has seen support… Read More

Interview with Ealing Business Expo Director Carlene de Bourg-Bender

We spoke with the fantastic Carlene de Bourge-Bender, talking all about the Ealing Business expo. Finding out about how the Ealing Business Expo all started, the difficulties Covid created and what the future holds for Carlene. How did the Ealing Business Expo start and when? Most of my life I’ve been involved in creating magazines and… Read More

Unlock 2020.2 – Call for Speakers

Word is out that Scooploop & EEC Collective will be organising a full-day follow-up event to “Unlock 2020” later this year, possibly in the first half of November. 2020 has been a turbulant year for small businesses and start-ups. The way we work and communicate with clients and… Read More

FSB Scotland interview with Gerry Brennan

We spoke with Gerry Brennan from FSB Scotland about how the challenges throughout Covid, what FSB Scotland has to offer small businesses and what attracted Gerry to become a membership advisor. To find out more about Gerry and his experience working for the Federation of Small Businesses, read our latest article below. Read More

Interview with Fiona Colbron-Brown, Director of the EEC Collective

Having co created our recent event, Unlock 2020 with the EEC Collective, founding director, Fiona Colbron-Brown, we have learnt that she has created an impressive network. Since taking charge of the EEC in 2016, Fiona has re-launched the business and is taking it by storm. Fiona is even taking part in a charity fundraiser where she will be… Read More

Interview with Ruby Sweeney – The Events Hub

  Following on from the fantastic Unlock 2020 event last week, which featured the brilliant Ruby Sweeney, founder and Director of The Events Hub, we wanted to find out more about how The Events Hub started and what challenges they have faced during Covid-19. We spoke with Ruby to find out more! How did The Events Hub start and… Read More

“The Future of Networking” @ Unlock 2020

Our panel “The Future of Networking” at Unlock 2020, Tuesday 14th July. We will explore what we have learned from networking in the last four months and how it will change B2B networking for the future. Make sure to book at ticket. Read More

Championing Startup businesses – Startups Magazine

As we all know all businesses have struggled in one way or another during Covid. We spoke with a magazine that specifically champions startup businesses, something which is incredibly important during these difficult times. We spoke with Startups Magazine, who are a print and online publication dedicated to championing technology-based startups and providing them also with the information, advice, guidance and tips that they need in their entrepreneurial journey. Startups Magazine covers everything that you may need help on or some guidance with on your startup journey. Each issue has a different focus with features that aim to provide startups and founders with information on areas such as funding, workspaces, co-founders, branding, marketing, company culture and many more! Read More