Championing Startup businesses – Startups Magazine

As we all know all businesses have struggled in one way or another during Covid. We spoke with a magazine that specifically champions startup businesses, something which is incredibly important during these difficult times. We spoke with Startups Magazine, who are a print and online publication dedicated to championing technology-based startups and providing them also with the information, advice, guidance and tips that they need in their entrepreneurial journey. Startups Magazine covers everything that you may need help on or some guidance with on your startup journey. Each issue has a different focus with features that aim to provide startups and founders with information on areas such as funding, workspaces, co-founders, branding, marketing, company culture and many more! Read More

Interview with John Gower from Omni Local – The future of small businesses

Businesses, particularly small businesses have taken a huge knock during COVID-19. We spoke with John Gower, Director of Omni Local. Omni Local holds local network meetings, held fortnightly, to help bring business owners together as a community. Omni Local works with businesses to help grow and develop new ideas and referrals. We spoke with John about what he… Read More

Webinar: Marketing for a small business

Now more than ever, small businesses face a challenge when it comes to digital marketing. With a limited budget, little access to marketing resources it is important to plan carefully. In the first part of this webinar we will cover the current challenging situation due to Covid-19, including coverage of grants and other available support. In the second part of… Read More

Trust, Credibility and Verifying your business

Trust and reliability are highly important when it comes to business. If your customers do not fully trust your services, your business would struggle to thrive. So, why verify your business? Below we talk about some of the key reasons why you should think about verifying your business and how trust plays a huge role to help build relationships… Read More

Verify your Business on Scooploop

We are happy to announce that we are rolling out Business Verification for your business on Scooploop. Business Verification means that we have verified you to have access to the postal address registered with Company House. Therefore you are a legally registered business and the owner of your business profile is identical with the owner of the business. Business Verification… Read More

Supporting your local businesses

Supporting local businesses in the current climate we are in, has never been more important until now. We spoke with InStreatham to find out in more detail, what they do and how they help support local businesses within the Streatham area. Their mission, “is to get people thinking of Streatham as a destination! We engage with landlords and leaseholders to improve what is on offer to locals by helping to attract a diverse business mix. Our main goal is to re-brand a once vibrant high street by promoting and supporting its day & night-time economy.” Read More

Scooploop is here to help – Our latest new feature.

Here at Scooploop HQ, we want to help all our Users and Businesses to ensure that they are getting all the support possible. We know this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone at the moment, so we have decided to help bring local communities together, by introducing a new feature which offers help to anyone on Scooploop who… Read More