Unlock 2020.2 – Call for Speakers

Word is out that Scooploop & EEC Collective will be organising a full-day follow-up event to “Unlock 2020” later this year, possibly in the first half of November.

2020 has been a turbulant year for small businesses and start-ups. The way we work and communicate with clients and business partners has changed, networking has become even more important to many businesses.In our next event we will focus on “The Future of Networking” (a follow-up to our event in July) and to discuss the future of small business in a more virtualised world in general.We also want to broaden the perspective by hearing from people across borders as more and more small businesses look at international opportunities.

If you’d like to contribute and want to be part of a discussion panel or like to present, please contact us via

unlock2020 /at/ scooploop.com