Get a green checkmark for your Scooploop profile link on Mastodon

Many people use different social media platforms, and it’s important that platforms work together.

If you have both a Scooploop and a Mastodon account, you can now get a green checkmark for a
link to your Scooploop profile to assure others that you are the same person on both platforms.

How to get that green checkmark

On Scooploop:

* Go to “Settings” and scroll down to find the section “Social Media Links”

* Add the link to your Mastodon profile click “Update Profile”

On Mastodon:

* Go to “Preferences” -> “Profile” and scroll to “Profile Metadata”

* Add a link to your Scooploop user profile, e.g. “”

* click “Save Changes”

That’s all, if eveything is good, you will now see a green checkmark in your Mastodon user profile