FSB Scotland interview with Gerry Brennan

We spoke with Gerry Brennan from FSB Scotland about how the challenges throughout Covid, what FSB Scotland has to offer small businesses and what attracted Gerry to become a membership advisor. To find out more about Gerry and his experience working for the Federation of Small Businesses, read our latest article below.

Does FSB Scotland do anything differently to England and Wales FSB?

The membership offerings are the same regardless of where you are in the UK but the processes can be a little different. For example, legal advice can differ depending on your location as the law can be different in England than it is in Scotland so we check your location and where the advice is pertinent to be fore we advise you.

How long have you worked for the FSB and what attracted you to it?

I have worked with the FSB for the past 4 years. I had my own business beforehand and if i knew even a fraction of the things I have gained through the FSB, I may well have still had my old business. The FSB supports you, protects you, saves you money and connects you. It is the most powerful business tool I know of in the UK market.

What challenges have the FSB Scotland faced during Covid-19?

Possibly the same challenges that every business has had regardless of location. We have had to adapt how we engage with and support both FSB and non FSB members. Flexibility in working, change management and responding to feedback in a dynamically changing environment has been key!

How have you found the shift to sole online networking since Covid?

Personally, I love it. I get to engage with more people in group formats and 1-1 than ever before. barriers have been removed and online networking is here to stay for a far wider audience than ever before.

What do you see the future holds for FSB Scotland?

The FSB is the most amazing foundation for any business and we can engage with any business that has up to 249 employees so that is a large base of businesses who can take advantage of our services. When you consider that you can get all of your HR support, Legal supprt, H&S, access to over 1000 legal documents plus lots of savings and connections for as little as £177 a year, we are well placed to support the majority of businesses in the UK.