Trust, Credibility and Verifying your business

Trust and reliability are highly important when it comes to business. If your customers do not fully trust your services, your business would struggle to thrive. So, why verify your business? Below we talk about some of the key reasons why you should think about verifying your business and how trust plays a huge role to help build relationships with customers.

Increasing credibility

Verifying your business is important, it helps potential new customers that your business is legitimate. Automatically this helps support your credibility, by having the information ready and available to people to search your businesses, address, company name and document images if they so wish. Just think, if simple information was not available for customers to search for on the internet, it would be very easy for people to quickly assume that your business does not hold the credibility needed for people to want to use your businesses services.

To help boost your credibility, it is important to sign up to the relevant social media platforms that you believe could help benefit your business, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Having an online presence can help you to highlight your authenticity, showing that you are not scared to interact with other businesses and customers, when dealing with positive, and at times, negative comments. The more you show how active you are online, customers will immediately judge on the evidence they see in front of them, if they can see that you have clearly dealt with issues with previous customers in a positive and effective way, will automatically help boost your credibility, that you are a reliable and trustworthy business.

Don’t forget, not only is social media one of the first places customers will visit but so is your website. Having a profession, user-friendly website is so important. Ensuring that it is clear, easy to use and has quick and easy navigation is key to making sure visitors stay on the site. Your website should have good and relevant content, clear ways of contact and finally, shows what your business is. Again, the latter might seem obvious but ask yourself, how many times have you been on a website and it’s taken you longer than 30 seconds to work out what service it provides. All these factors play a part in the credibility and representation of your business, by verifying your business, representing yourself well through social media and ensuring your website is user-friendly, helps build trust with future customers and may lead them to continue to use your service and even recommend you to their friends and family.


Building up trust for your customer base cannot be built in a day, after all was Rome? Trust takes time and commitment to build, so when it comes to helping your customers, try to focus on each customer individually rather than all customers in one go and creating a ‘quick fix’ to help your customer base. In order to show your customers that they can put their trust in you, you have to show that you understand their needs, the issue they have, show empathy and most importantly, offer the relevant services in order to help them. This may all seem like obvious actions to do but it is easy to forget when you are running a busy business, yet, now more than ever, is the time to help support your customers in any way you can during this pandemic.

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