Supporting your local businesses

Supporting local businesses in the current climate we are in, has never been more important until now. We spoke with InStreatham to find out in more detail, what they do and how they help support local businesses within the Streatham area. Their mission, “is to get people thinking of Streatham as a destination! We engage with landlords and leaseholders to improve what is on offer to locals by helping to attract a diverse business mix. Our main goal is to re-brand a once vibrant high street by promoting and supporting its day & night-time economy.”

Playing their part

As we all know, now more than ever is the time to be supporting our local businesses. As InStreatham put it, “Local businesses play an important role in our communities; as well as providing retail and leisure offers, they also act as important hubs that facilitate opportunities for people to meet, share and connect.” Local businesses are playing their part during COVID-19 and are helping their business and its customers, by offering delivery services if their business is able to. Before COVID-19 affected the UK, InStreatham introduced an “electric cargo bike scheme offering businesses the chance to deliver goods and services to their customers locally in order to improve air quality in Streatham by reducing deliveries made by van or car.” Whilst, this is something that was an option before our current climate, this is something that the locals of Streatham can still put to good use today.

The importance of community

Communities are coming together right now and in doing so, are helping to support their local businesses. As InStreatham put it, “It’s important for the local people to understand that their high street businesses invest in the betterment of Streatham and they need customers now more than ever. They’ve suffered a year of uncertainty and unless we continue to shop local, we will lose them!” We’re all aware that all businesses are suffering at the moment but this is the time to support your local businesses. Do you need to go to the supermarket for your weekly food shop? Then why not, check out the small businesses in your area to see if they are offering deliveries, there has been a rise in local food deliveries, who are ensuring houses are being given fresh fruit and veg to their door.

“There needs to be mutual support between the business community and the local community because one can’t survive without the other.” InStreatham highlight the importance of both business and community and now more than ever before, we need to ensure we are all supporting one another. Instead of going to large corporate supermarkets for your fruit and veg, why not try a small local company that can deliver food to your door? These are testing times for everyone and as InStreatham point out, “business owners are also local people too. Streatham has a strong community spirit which was evident earlier this year #StreathamIsOpen”

If you would like to offer your help during COVID-19, then why not sign up to Scooploop and volunteer for our Lend a Hand programme…

Remember, stay at home and stay safe.