Scooploop is here to help – Our latest new feature.

Here at Scooploop HQ, we want to help all our Users and Businesses to ensure that they are getting all the support possible. We know this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone at the moment, so we have decided to help bring local communities together, by introducing a new feature which offers help to anyone on Scooploop who may need it.

You will notice a popup when signed into Scooploop, providing you with the option to offer your help to your fellow neighbours who may be in need of help.

Once you see the pop up, you will have the option to click, “Yes I would like to help!” or “Skip for now”. If you decide at the time that you would like to skip the option, however you change your mind at a later date, you are still able to offer your help. You will notice there is an option on the Coronavirus page to offer your help if you skipped the popup. Though, if you clicked, “Yes I would like to help!” from the popup, you will be taken to the next page which will allow you to choose from three services:

  • Pick up and drop off food shopping
  • Dog Walking
  • Pick up/drop off mail/deliveries

You can pick more than one of these options.

Once you have selected the service you would like to help with, you will appear on the Lend a Hand page, which will indicate to anyone looking for help, that you are ready to go! Please note however, as we are a social networking site and during this time, we are here to help our fellow Scooploop users as much as we can. We are not held responsible for the arrangements of helping one another, organising meet ups and any personal payment arrangements that may have been made. We want to encourage this new feature, as a chance for communities and neighbours to come together out of kindness, not for profit.

We have also introduced a news feed page, solely for any updates and posts from our Scooploop users, about the Coronavirus. So, if people want to catch up and read the latest posts and comments, in case they missed them on another channel, they will be available all in one place.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for us all and here at Scooploop, we want to ensure we are doing all we can do to help. If you would kindly like to offer your services to help those that need it, then Scooploop is the place to do this. And remember, be safe and stay at home!

Sign up to Scooploop and help those who need it!