Make your business stand out in a busy crowd

Competitive markets and standing out from the crowd

Establishing your business in an ever growing, busy and competitive market can be tough. So, how do you ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd? We have some top tips to help your business shine through from its competitors…

Deliver extraordinary customer service

Although providing great customer service seems like an obvious part of the job, would you say you think your company goes above and beyond for its customers? Your actions must follow your statements, if you state you have great customer service, follow through with it. For example, use testimonials to illustrate your fantastic customer service to your audience, highlight what you have done for previous customers, how you assisted them. This can go further, by showing an act of kindness to your customers or sending a personalised apology if something has gone wrong with their order or service that you have provided. Small acts like these can make your business stand out from the crowd, by doing something that no one else is or has done before.

Admit mistakes and fix the problem:

Hold your hands up if you get something wrong, we don’t always get things right in business, that’s how you learn for next time. We all know how frustrating it can to be a customer with a problem, due to a service and not being listened to or helped in a quick and efficient way to help solve the problem. So, don’t allow your business to do this, it is better to accept your mistakes whether the issue could have been prevented or not and work with the customer, rather than against them. In some cases, by reassuring the customer that you are owning the mistake and working on a solution to the problem, could mean that you build a better rapport with that customer, as they can trust that you take their issue seriously and deal with the problem efficiently.

Focus on a narrow niche

Whether your business is niche or in a busy market, highlight a specialty that you can be an expert in within that field and take ownership of it. Make that niche your specialty, make it the area that you are experts in and back your work up with testimonials from previous customers.

Research research research!

Offer something that your competitors don’t. If you’re a local business, yet still in a crowded, competitive market, then research the businesses similar to you in your surrounding areas and see what you can offer that they are not doing already. This would make you stand out distinctively from the crowd and offer a brand-new service to customers that they may have desperately been looking for!

Have a personality

If you are small company, then showing your personality through your business is a great way to build rapport, be memorable and show that you are different to other businesses similar to you. Why not tell your story, how you got to where you are now and how your business can help others, these are all ways to represent your business personality.

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