Join the Scooploop Community

Scooploop, the social community network that brings neighbours and local businesses together, has thrived on building a community platform for local areas. Some of our Scooploop users have been with us since the beginning and some have only just joined in recent weeks and months. We spoke with some of our most active users from Scooploop – Ray and Charlotte, about their experience of using Scooploop.

We asked our users what they enjoyed the most about Scooploop and the features it offers. Ray explained, “I like the word games and quizzes, general discussions and helping others that have problems that I have knowledge of.” Charlotte also expressed how she uses Scooploop, “mainly for social but I do look at items for sale, business blogs, community and events.” There is a range of features to use on Scooploop but it is our users and businesses that are the core of this. Knocking on your neighbour’s door for a cup of tea isn’t what it used to be anymore, this sense of community even from an online presence highlights how community and neighbourhoods are important and still are a key part in bringing people together. Bringing a sense of community and support from your local neighbours, who without the use of Scooploop, you may not ever have known.

Discovering Scooploop

Users have many reasons for wanting to join Scooploop. Ray explains how he discovered SL and how he found joining the social network, “Streetlife was all but dead and someone in there posted about Scooploop so I joined knowing no one.” Charlotte’s experience was slightly different to Ray’s, “I joined it to avoid forums like Facebook or Twitter and to connect with like-minded people.” Both of these experiences differ but the outcome of their reasoning for joining is the same, as Ray puts it, “Like any forum you will click with people that lead to an online friend. I know that some have a get together yearly.”

Features such as The Groups page on Scooploop is one of the most popular, with over 40 groups to choose from, there is always somewhere for users to go and join in on the conversation, or even start their own group with like-minded others. As Ray points out, “Once you have found a group or groups that match your interests, Scooploop can suck your life away 😊”. Groups give users the opportunity to meet others from different areas of the country as this is not based just in your local area. As Charlotte explained her experience of meeting new people on Scooploop, “Overall I have found the experience good and have made some friends with people in other parts of the country. We often have chats by private message to support each other.”

There is a range of features to use on Scooploop for users and business users. Our end goal is to help support local communities and businesses and highlight that although you may not know your next-door neighbour well or event at all, there is an opportunity to get to know them and what is going on in your local area, all in one place.