The Importance of being a Good Neighbour

If we believe everything we see on the telly or read in books, neighbourhoods’ years ago were warm, welcoming and sociable. People would take food to new families in the street, rally around for towels when a lady went into labour, share expensive tools and would pop in for a cuppa whenever they fancied.

Neighbourhoods may have changed over the years but most still have a unique personality. Some streets socialise and others only don’t even know their next-door neighbour’s name.

If we are honest, it makes us all feel good to be part of something bigger than just ourselves. Who doesn’t enjoy a wave at the neighbour walking his dog or at the lady across the road getting in her car? It’s human nature. A sense of community makes us feel safer and like we matter.

Most people enjoy seeing a friendly face when they come out of their house, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends and do everything together. Apart from the benefits of having a trustworthy neighbour to look after your home while you are away, it can be really rewarding just knowing that each other are there and being a good neighbour.

Regardless of which type of neighbourhood you live in, there are some basic rules you should follow so that people in your street can live in harmony.

Here are some tips to being a good neighbour:

  1. Respect your neighbours personal space.
  2. Don’t be a gossip.
  3. If you live in a flat, follow the community rules.
  4. Don’t make too much noise. Think about: Raised voices, slamming doors, mowing the lawn, children playing, noisy DIY and playing loud music.
  5. Be responsible with your pets. Keep them out of your neighbour’s garden and pick up after them.
  6. Keep the exterior of your home neat and tidy (garden and house).
  7. Don’t block your neighbour’s driveway or let any of your visitors block neighbours’ driveways.
  8. If you are going to have a party, warn neighbours in advance & consider inviting them.
  9. Discuss any problems with neighbours directly rather than call the police straight away.
  10. If you borrow anything, return it promptly and in good condition.
  11. Don’t let your rubbish pile up or leave your bins out all week.

How to help create community spirit in your street:

  • Welcome new neighbours by introducing yourself and your family.
  • Give new neighbours advice about schools, utilities and the local area.
  • Hold events in your street at least once a year to help bring the neighbours together is a good way of building community spirit.
  • Join Scooploop. It’s a great way to discover everything happening nearby, all in one place. Get to know people who live near you, recommend local businesses, share events and lend a hand with local projects.